It started with a tweet

Like the best things in life, it started small. One hundred and forty characters small. It started with a tweet.

The first teawitter event happened on Sunday 28th February. The purpose was to have a tea-party and a tweetup all in one. All invitations went out via twitter, and all people had to do was turn up and bring their cake stomachs. People brought those, and cake, and good cheer, and a lot of love for the event!

A total of 30 turned up, and each got send home with enough cake to last them a good while!

The list of cakes was long and impressive:
Let them Tweet Cake

Cupcakes @Beks78

Hamataschen @The_LadyLark

Fresh Crumpets! @The_LadyLark


Lemon drizzle cake @_SpinOneHalf_

Spiced apple muffins @_SpinOneHalf_

Pear and pistachio chocolate drizzle cake

Green & Black’s brownies

Chocolate and chili cupcakes

Gingerbread cookies @Metaltax

Cucumber sandwiches! @ThermobaricTom

Chocolate victoria sponge @SaxonB

All gorgeous, delightful and delicious, and all enjoyed very much with freshly brewed tea and great conversation!

Teawitter is going to be an ongoing themed event. A tweet-up for those who like to bake, those who like to eat cake, and those who like to make (well friends at least!).

Watch out for the next teawitter coming soon, and have a think about what cake you could make! There’s also been mention of the #deathmatchbakeoff, who knows what that might entail. There’s only one way to find out, sign up for the next one and come along!

The first teawitter party was a great success. It showed that five people, a great idea and access to twitter can over-feed Manchester’s twitterers! Thanks to the madlab for letting us use their space and thanks to everyone who turned up!

Most of all, thanks to the tweeps who organised it all: @Beks78, @LadyMcScamp, @ThermobaricTom, @The_LadyLark, @SmesCrater

For pictures, the flickr pool can be found here and Beks’s baking blog may be found here

Guest blogger Simon Carter aka @smescrater