iOS Manchester


Title: iOS Manchester
Location: MadLab
Description: iOS development in Manchester
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2012-03-22
End Time: 21:00






What is the group about?

We’re creating a vibrant community for those who want to develop or discuss apps for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)  – or already do. In this group, you’re allowed to be a total novice and ask questions without feeling out of place. Or be a hacker guru with robes and a long flowing beard. Regardless, we are all here to share and learn.
We’ll cover a range of topics – creative and technical – with the aim of being as social as we can, whilst passing ideas around. Crucially, we’ll all have a brew at the end. Come join us!

Why are you doing this event?

There isn’t an active community around iOS development in Manchester, but that’s something we can create together. Sharing, learning and developing a literacy is always far more fun as a group.
Computing is changing, become more fluid and funkier and becoming woven into the fabric of how we talk together. It touches on social, tech and creative spaces, and we hope to reflect this in the people that come along – so come along!
Please bring any laptops or phones you have. If you want to demo what you’re making, have seen an interesting app or just have an idea, we’d love to see and hear it.
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