Internet of Things – One Learners Experience

MadLab has recently started the Omniversity, a programme of professional training courses. One of the courses was an Advance Arduino course exploring the Internet of Things, where we were able to award a bursary to one attendee. Paul Plowman talks about his experience.

Here is an excerpt from his experience on the day…

“Anyway, it just so happened that The Omniversity course was being given by Adrian McEwen himself, who has recently taken charge of developing the Arduino Ethernet libraries, and so is probably in a better position than anyone else to talk about them.

Adrian started off by talking about how the internet generally works at a fundamental level, mentioning different protocols, addressing, ports, etc. He also showed how to communicate to different types of server – Email, HTTP, etc. – at a fundamental level. He mentioned that this wasn’t necessary knowledge to use the Arduino, but I found it illuminating and inspiring. Discovering that you can interact with email, for example, just using basic ASCII-based commands got me thinking of possible future projects which could use this.”

To read the whole article, just have a look on the Omniversity site here.

We also had another blog written about the Omniversity’s Beginners Guide to Arduino & Physical Computing course. Take a look here.

We have some more courses lined up – Beginners Guide to Arduino & Physical Computing, modular  Web Design Foundation courses,  and plenty more in the pipe line. Hope to see you there!

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