Interior Renovation … call for volunteers

We’ve teamed up with Neil Jolliffe to create a new interior and look for the MadLab. It’s going to be vibrant, innovative and exciting, taking sustainability as a core tenet of it’s reuse of materials to create a great communal work, meeting and hangout space.

We need your help to make this happen, though; we have some money from the Big Lottery fund to pay for materials and equipment, but not enough to hire a team of experts to handle this. But who needs experts? We’re crowdsourcing this to everyone! If you use the space or value what’s going on here, or our no-cost community approach, please get involved and help the preparations for the full interior job. We’ll be running workshops when the main project starts, but for now, if you can lend a few hours to paint, scrub, fill or even brew up, please let us know and get involved.

To get involved, please leave your details and preferences on this private form. Thanks! Get your friends involved! A fun day of activity with a social conscience! Many hands, as they say, make interior rejuvenate!