How you can help U18

MadLab U18 would not be able to do the work it has been able to so far without some very generous benefactors who have: covered catering for meet-ups, donated developer staff to help young people troubleshoot issues with their code, provided bursaries for MadLab courses, given talks, donated equipment and given us money to keep the bills paid!
Glue Everywhere
In order to keep providing accessible IT learning, MadLab U18 appreciates donations and support of any kind including…

We need the following:

Act as mentors – are you skilled in a programming language? Do you want to share this skill with up to 35 eager young minds?
Support in other ways – can you wash up, get lunch, take the YRS kids to Birmingham or write for the website and Twitter feed?

DONATIONS such as …
Cool new tech kit (things like microcomputers, LEDs, workshop tools), badges, USB sticks, T-shirts, snacks, bottled water, new (or newish) laptops. During August, it costs us £250 a day to feed all the YRS kids and mentors – can you donate cash to feed everyone for a day?

We need to get about 35 kids and 15 Mentors and helpers to Birmingham’s Custard Factory on August 9 and back to Manchester on August 11. Can you help cover coach or train costs?

It costs £300 a day to keep MadLab open. We’re not funded by anyone and rely on grants. We’re a self-funded enterprise and rely on people’s good will (and we’re ever so grateful for it).
Mollyanne playing with her oomlout prize
In return, you could…

  • Have your logo appear at our events
  • Appear on the local centre page on YRS
  • Receive public acknowledgement and thanks
  • Enjoy a brilliant local PR opportunity

Please contact if you’d like to help