HACman and ManLUG

Linux Mascot Tux

Linux Mascot Tux

Title: HACman and ManLUG
Location: Madlab!
Description: A joint event between the hardware hackers of HACman, and the Manchester Linux User Group.
Start Time: 10:00
Date: 2009-02-20
End Time: 18:00

Two events in one! The first half of the day will be a social hardware hacking event run by HACman. In their words: “This will be a Social & Hacking Meeting, where people can show off their cool hacks, new software, make awesome gadgets, or just lounge about and chat!”

Then in the afternoon it’s the Manchester Linux User Group. This month, Daniel Botting will be talking about how to configure and secure a linux server, as well as his take on Logical Volume Management (link).

Learning Revolution Transformation Fund logoThis event is supported by the Learning Revolution Transformation Fund.