Graphic Novel Group : Parker the Hunter

This month’s fantastic Madlab Graphic Novel Group discussed the adaptation of Parker the Hunter, originally adapted from the noir classic crime novel of the same name by Donald E. Westlake.

The host, Christian, gave a superb detailing of the original Parker the Hunter novel, the original author’s ideas behind the novel and a look at the noir genre in films and novels. The rest of the group had recommendations as well; two that stood were the recently released on DVD Winter’s Bones and the novel The Falcon’s Malteser by Anthony Horowitz.

Discussion points that were explored were the treatment of women in the book, the differences between the original novel and graphic novel as well as the parker novel series as a whole and the history behind them.

One definite conclusion that was made was this: Darwyn Cooke was the man for the job. His art style complimented the genre and of the original novel making it spot on as an adaptation. One member said that his art work was some of the greatest in the comic book world and “even better than Frank Quitely’s art”. The latter statement is obviously in dispute from other members of the group, and by members, I mean me.

A good time was had by all and that good time continued on into Common bar afterwards, where mobs, broads and the recent footie were the key points of discussion (less so the first two).

Next month, we will be discussing the Contract with God trilogy by Will Eisner which will definitely be a change of pace.

By Arun Hackett.

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