Graphic Novel Group 8 MAUS

A good discussion I expected and a good discussion we had. Despite reading a very highly critically acclaim book that I believe everyone at the night got a lot out of, the discussion on the night was as lively as if the usual half loved half hated spilt was in effect. I believe that the fact that this book, full of real horrors and graphic violence, was as enjoyed as it was is due to Art Spiegelman’s masterful storytelling. Using anthropomorphism and the natural humour of his father to create a story that, while harrowing, is eminently readable.

The list of things the group agreed upon is quite long. The art and the flow of the story were commented on as being remarkable, the story slipping between the past and present with remarkable ease. Or the fact that the excellent characterisation made the book feel far more real than a lot of other WW2 narratives.

Of the few disagreements the question of historical accuracy was the main stumbling block as Vladek could be seen as an unreliable source and the story must have changed, if only slightly, by being retold to Art.

The group was occasionally sidetracked into historical theories as the night progressed. The Wider historical importance being to huge to avoid discussion.

Summing up I believe the group would agree that this was an important story told with flair, creating one of the finest works of graphic storytelling ever created.

Written by Thomas Swingler