Give us an H: HTML music video featured in the Manchester Evening News

Give me an H

We are excited to be featured in the Manchester Evening News about the HTML music video created by @mariaprohyena.

This video promoting the Web Design Foundations Course taught by Chris Mills has gained an impressive amount of attention, including some remixes. We are happy to see MadLab’s fame as a place for realising ideas, however crazy they are, spread. The article called “Give us an H: ‘Geeks’ create hit song and video spelling out what HTML computer language means” gives a bit more background information about the creative output of MadLab’s geeks.

Thanks again for everyone who took part in creating this hit. Big thanks to @samscam for the music and @DeShannon for the choreography and Hanna, Sarah and @paddysteer for knowing the moves.

The next course: Web design foundations 2: HTML Basics is on in a week on Monday, the 23rd of April. The second part teaches all the HTML you’ll need to make your way into web design and development with confidence! From text to tables, and links to images, this course has it all. It is a perfect possibility in getting started with creating your own identity on the web.

Book your place here.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is:

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