Girl Geeks hack Wiki for feminism!

If there’s nothing that irritates you more than a stub article on Wikipedia, you might be pleased to know that the Manchester Girl Geeks were on the case, with a whole day dedicated to learning how to edit Wikipedia and improve articles on female scientists, engineers and fellow girl geeks of the past.

Much tea and cake was enjoyed as the intrepid girl geeks ventured into the uncharted wilderness’ of wikipedia, ensuring that future generations will be able to find all the information they could ever need about some of the inspiring but unfortunately often overlooked women scientists and thinkers of the past. The event even caught the eye of Wikipedia itself.

One of the good things that came out of the event, aside from illuminating one dark corner of general ignorance, was that the participants gained a greater appreciation for just how easy it is to contribute to the world’s online store of knowledge and how necessary it is that as many people as possible take part in this great project. Indeed, with so much positive feedback, it looks like there might be another similar event returning to MadLab, so watch this space.


Written by Florence Okoye

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