Girl Geek Tea Party – Wonderful WordPress Workshop

Girl Geek Tea Party

Title: Girl Geek Tea Party
Location: MadLab
Description: Girl Geek Dinner has got a little sister – Girl Geek Afternoon Tea!
Start Time: 14:00
Date: 2010-07-25
End Time: 16:30
Cost: £2 booking fee to secure a place on the workshop (money to go towards facilitator and venue costs)*
Who: Girl Geeks, bring along anyone you like! Your friends, sisters, mums, cousins, daughters, colleagues… who might be interested in doing some techy stuff… Even boys can come if you want to bring them as your date!

But more importantly, What

Jordan Hatch ( / @1jh) will help us venture into the world of WordPress, a very popular content management system that is used as the basis for many websites and blogs! You will learn how to install and set up WordPress from scratch on a web server, which gives you much more freedom than the blogs offered on

Please note: Level of experience required: Basic HTML and CSS skills, experience with using
web interfaces and perhaps WordPress as an author / editor would be helpful. Having heard the words MYSQL database and FTP before would help, but absolutely no worries if not – we’re doing step-by-step instructions. As always, the workshop will be very basic and there will be some volunteers to help out when you’re stuck!

If in doubt: come along and see what it’s like, we’re here to help you explore things. And if all else fails, there’s always tea and biscuits :)

Brief Breakdown of the WordPress Workshop

  • Introduction to the ‘famous’ 5 minute install
  • A guided tour around the admin panel with time to play around and put a couple of posts and pages in
  • Finding plugins and installing them
  • Then a break for tea and cake :)
  • Find a new theme and install it
  • Learn how to change CSS in a template

Bring along…?

  • Your laptop (with working WiFi) to get involved with the hands-on parts of the WordPress workshop.
  • Your favourite mug
  • Your favourite biscuits, cupcakes, tea, coffee (we’ll have the basics, but in case you fancy something slightly more interesting… :)
  • Your friends, sisters, mums, cousins, daughters, colleagues… who might be interested in doing some techy stuff.

For more info & to secure your ticket, go to

* After many people booking tickets and not turning up for the previous workshop we have had to resort to a booking fee to make sure there will be interested techies in the workshops on the day. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.*


The Girl Geek Dinners are a worldwide movement, with an estimated number of 60 groups in over 20 countries. In Manchester, the Girl Geek Tea Party sessions were started as a more activity oriented, “family friendly” addition to the dinners. The Tea Party workshops are held monthly on Sunday afternoons at MadLab, a hackspace in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, and include hands-on activities such as an introduction to open source hardware (“Arduino”), web development (HTML/CSS) and “Build your own PC” sessions. All workshops are run by volunteers and are free to attend, we only ask for donations that go towards MadLab.

We are aiming to provide a friendly and relaxed environment in which girls and women who are interested in science can get an insight into the different aspects of technology – outside of courses and classrooms. With six successful events so far, several dozen participants from young people to computing experts, and a lot of positive feedback, we are optimistic that the Girl Geek Tea Parties will become an important part of Manchester’s vibrant digital technology scene.


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