Girl Geek Tea Party v21

Girl Geek Tea Party

Title: Girl Geek Tea Party v21
Location: MadLab
Description: Talk by Dr Lucie Green, Mullard Space Science Laboratory
Start Time: 14:00
Date: 2012-01-22
End Time: 16:00

In the depths of darkest mid-winter, our January tea party will be a nice lecture about solar physics to warm you up! Sun expert Dr Lucie Green, from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, will be coming to talk to us about the sun and how lovely and warm it is.

“I have been fascinated by the workings of our local star for almost 15 years – ever since a chance view through a telescope in the Ukraine showed me the Sun in a new way. The telescope I visited was equipped with a filter which allows you to see a narrow region in the Sun’s atmosphere; a region where a startling amount of detail and activity suddenly became obvious. From this point on I wanted to understand this activity and I do this by using telescopes in space that allow us to see the X-ray and ultraviolet light given off by the Sun’s hot atmosphere.

During my years in research I have helped further our understanding of how magnetic fields in the Sun’s atmosphere evolve and drive violent activity and have had some fascinating times working with ESA, NASA and the Japanese space agency. This talk will cover my journey into solar physics, my current research and why working within an international team of space scientists is such a rewarding job to do.”

We will of course be having our usual tea and cakes, so feel free to bring along some sun-themed (or otherwise) goodies you have made – perhaps a lemon drizzle cake, or sun-shaped biscuits?

This is a free event, but admission is by Eventbrite ticket. Click here to book yourself a place!

The Sun

Dr Lucie Green