Girl Geek Afternoon Tea

Girl Geek Afternoon Tea

Girl Geek Afternoon Tea

Title: Girl Geek Afternoon Tea
Location: Madlab
Description: What could be better on a Sunday afternoon than a nice cup of tea, yummy biscuits, a good chat and… GEEKERY! Yes Ladies, the Girl Geek Dinner has got a little sister – Girl Geek Afternoon Tea!
Start Time: 14:00
Date: 2009-12-06
End Time: 16:00

Similar to the good ol’ GG Dinner, but held on a family friendly Sunday afternoon. This is your chance to have a cup of tea and a geeky chat, meet new people, hear some interesting talks and take part in fun tech related workshops for all skills levels (there may be snorkels, screwdrivers and partitioning tools involved…maybe.)

The first Afternoon Tea will be a Show & Tell – so bring something really cool and fun that you would like to show to others. This could be anything, from ancient knitting techniques to mad hacking skills – no need to prepare formal slides, a few of minutes of live action will do!

What you will need to bring:

We’re going to keep it rather informal, so pop in and bring
- your favourite mug (spare teapots / cafetieres would be helpful, too)
- your favourite tea or coffee (we’ll have proper “tea” tea, milk and sugar, but if you prefer something more fancy… :)
- BYOB – bring your own biscuits to share with your fellow girl geeks (rumour has it we’ll have cake…oooh!)

And, last but certainly not least – bring someone along who wouldn’t normally come to a Girl Geek Dinner! Any friends, colleagues, junior girl geeks, sisters, mums,… are welcome!

To give us an idea of the number of people we can expect, we would ask you to sign up if you’re planning on coming:
Spontaneous visitors are always welcome anyway, of course!

Any questions? Just post to the list at!

PS:  And what about men? Same rules as for the GG Dinners apply – if you’ve got a girl geek as a date, you’re welcome! :)


LRTFsmallThis event is supported by the Learning Revolution Transformation Fund.