Geeks Talk Sexy – Flirting Workshop

Sexy Geek or Geeky Sex?

Title: Geeks Talk Sexy – Flirting Workshop
Location: MadLab
Description: Sex and geeks don’t fit together or compute, most would say. However the truth may be the total opposite.
Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2011-05-07
End Time: 23:00
Booking : Free, but limited!!!

Places are limited to a maximum of 12… sorry! And you must be ready to spend all Saturday evening (7th may) on the workshop (its only fair, because of the tight numbers…) Workshops start at 6pm and finish at 11pm

A very rare chance to learn from the best in the field of love. Geeks talk sexy goes practical with a special evening of workshops from the Flirt club and the Pickup Artists. Your Saturday nights will never be the same after this workshop…