Fundraising for Maintenance Day

Hi Everyone!

We are raising some funds for Maintenance Day.

We plan to build a bookshelf and improve the kitchen even more.

We don’t like asking for money – we firmly believe that financial contribution should not be a factor in access to places like MadLab, and that open access increases both the value of the superstars who house their communities here and the reach that is afforded to everyone – including those without spare funds.

But we’re asking if you can help all of us raise a few more pounds so we can complete the building of the kitchen and bookshelf, so we finally have an operational library available here.

Building Funds ACHIEVED!! : £400 donated!

Kitchen Adventure£400 will cover the materials required. At last count there are over 25 active groups who regularly meet here – if each group could raise £16, we can cover this. That’s around £1.60 per person – less than half a pint or a coffee. You could wake up the next day feeling better and help your fellow MadLab patrons.

If you would like to contribute to the renovation funds, please donate by dropping it in the Renovation Funds pot or donate through payal – also on the sidebar.

We will use the funds to

  1. Create a better kitchen to house the oven donated by Lois
  2. Build a bookshelf for all the tech manuals and magazines
  3. Mount the projectors to the ceiling
  4. Buy pizza for the volunteer maintenance crew

reaching for books - so dangerous!

We have raised £400 and more. Thanks to everyone, a full list of names will go up in a follow up post.

Some of the bigger items we need to purchase are :

If you can’t contribute, but would like to help, we can always use more hands on the Maintenance Day – 5th Feb – please drop by with some refreshments for the crew. Our resident film maker Maria will also be there taking some footage for a sequel to Cupboard Love.

Faktum, Cupboard Love from Prohyena on Vimeo.