Title: FSFE
Location: MadLab
Description: The Free Software Foundation Europe’s local Manchester chapter
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2011-09-29
End Time: 21:00

Gerry Gavigan will be coming from London to talk to us about his goals as
Chairman of the Open Source Consortium.

We’ll discuss issues raised by the talk, before moving on to feedback from the
DIY Feminist Festival, Richard Stallman’s talk in Birmingham, and Software
Freedom Day.

As always, please send any additional items for discussion to the Manchester
Fellowship mailing list (manchester@lists.fsfe.org).

About Gerry’s talk

“The public sector is an IT market distorting monopsonist (the customer
equivalent of a monopolist)

This is bad news for everyone. What are we (all of us) going to do about it?
It’s about Open Standards.  Without Open Standards, whether you call the
software Free or call it Open Source, any implementation is sitting on
foundations of sand.

The publication of the OGC procurement note regarding open source software in
January had the potential to suggest that the public sector was getting
serious.  Since then all the evidence indicates otherwise.

We need to engage with the public sector in a way they cannot avoid. Gerry
Gavigan, chair, OSC, will be discussing ways to approach this and why he hopes
FSFE (UK) can work with OSC on this.

If we had a member in every constituency the OSC would be able to represent
the arguments to every MP in the country.”

About FSFE Fellowship meetings:

All Free Software advocates welcome!

Free Software Foundation Europe is a non- profit organisation dedicated to the furthering of Free Software, and works to promote freedom in emerging digital society.

The Fellowship is a society for people who want to help the Free Software movement grow. It is the primary way that people identify with and support the Free Software Foundation Europe, and provides collaborative tools for supporters to describe what they are doing and interact with each other.

Fellowship groups exist in many major European cities, and have a history of successful campaigning within local politics and society. Projects such as pdfreaders.org and the successful follow-up campaign were both initiated and organised by FSFE fellows, as were many other initiatives, such as Document Freedom Day awards for local businesses and broadcasters who use freedom-protecting digital formats.

Discussion and presentations are common features of Fellowship meetings. Recent topics have included the privacy implications of using mobile phones (GSM), how to regain control of your data from ‘the cloud’ using Freedom Boxes, and how to stop public institutions from advertising on behalf of software monopolies.

The Fellowship is a society for people who want to help Free Software grow.