Follow-up of the maintenance day

We would like to thank everyone who defied the cold and came down to the MadLab maintenance day last Sunday. We got a lot done. The day started off with Alex making bacon butties for everyone and we continued with crossing out many things on our ‘to-do list’.

Renovations on maintanance day

Bob and Andrew built the long needed shelf – so we can finally sort out the library situation.

Renovations on maintanance day

Ben put up a new door for the toilet.

Renovations on maintanance day

Alex and Tom fitted some extra lights up on the second floor and also put up a projector.

Renovations on maintanance day

Mike built a metal cover for the rat hole.

Regulars will probably notice that the kitchen layout has changed a bit – big thanks to Paul who put together the cabinet and Cat and Katie for sorting out the insides of the messy cupboards.

Renovations on maintanance day

Yuwei went over the more fleeting, but equally important tasks like doing a lot of dusting and we have not forgotten Arun’s and Elle’s input in running many errands and spray painting the bits for the shelves.

Especial thanks for everyone who contributed to our fundraising for the renovations. :

Girl Geeks, Jane T, Safe H, Zain M, DJ A, Mike L, Peter B, Ciara M, Ben M, James C, Jane M, Karren P, Maya C, Gary M, Roy J, Francis F, Mihai A, Natasha C, Jeoff O, Michael L, Mark M, Andrew G, Sam L

We are surprised and happy with the results

MadLab is really developing into a cozy hangout thanks to all the helpers. Until next time ;-)!