First Girl Geek Afternoon Tea

Girl Geek Dinner, a world wide celebration of women in science, technology, and anything else has a little sister, Girl Geek Afternoon Tea. Madlab was honored to host the birth of this new group, a idea hatched by @bunmagazine at last Manchester Girl Geek Dinner.  As a new group, the first event was held around introductions and a bit of show and tell. A common thread throughout the discussions were love of shiny things and the “glass ceiling”.

Tea & Sympathy

Talks were held over tea, coffee, and delicious home made cinnamon buns by @cookclever

We had ladies from computing science, programmers, developers, and a few crafters interested in Arduinos and quilting.

Next month’s Tea we will hold a workshop, perhaps around Ardunios, as we had a good introductory by @cyberspice

A mailing list will soon be created.

More pictures of the event can be seen here.