Filmonik Open Screening #59 – Festive Finale

Title: Filmonik Open Screening #59 – Festive Finale
Location: MadLab
Date: 16-12-2012
Start Time: 19:30
End Time: 22:00









Here at Filmonik, we don’t believe in taking chances. With the world set to end on December
21st (at least if those doom-mongering Ancient Mayans are to be believed), we’ve decided
to celebrate the Winter Solstice and bid a fond farewell to 2012 a few days early, just to
be on the safe side. Why not take a break from the stress of shopping amid demented,
desperate present-buyers and screaming, hyperactive kids and join us? We’ll be heralding this
Christmas in style, with seasonal cinematic stock-fillers galore, probably a few drinks, and
maybe a mince pie or two.

Filmonik is the North West’s premier “open screening” night for filmmakers, offering a warm
welcome and a censure-free public platform to all filmmakers, be they Industry Professionals,
self-styled Media Guerrillas, or relative novices still finding their creative voice. Films are
not pre-selected, but simply booked in, and screened, sight unseen. Anyone is free to submit.
Anyone is welcome to attend. This is a place to try out new ideas, and unlikely creative
collaborations, to network and discover like-minded talent. This is your chance to have fun
with film and not get arrested for it.

If you’ve something to show, all you need to do is contact us and book a slot, or just bring it
along on the night. If you’re simply keen to see what’s happening in the world of low budget
independent short film, then come on down. We want full houses and enthusiastic audiences!

For more information, visit or email