EcoHome Lab

Eco Home Lab

Eco Home Lab

Title: EcoHome Lab
Location: MadLab, 36-40 Edge Street, Manchester M4 1HN
Link out: Click here
Date: 26-09-2013
Start Time: 17:00
End Time: 20:30

A monthly hangout for people taking control of their home energy usage and generation. We use open-source hardware and software to enable better understand our homes and how they work, making best use of the energy we generate and reducing the energy we waste.


We’ll be some reporting back on which gas meter sensors have worked and building some more and working on DIY SAP modelling of our own houses.


Each month we’ll expand on our understanding and starting to integrate the monitors in to different areas of Carbon Co-op’s development.

Topics will include:
- Yaye, more sensors! – air quality, ventilation flows, dew point
- User interfaces – your smart home on your smart phone
- Integrating Open Data sources
- Taking the power back! – Making better use of the surplus power we generate
- Zoning and home automation: “Monitors have only interpreted the home in various ways, the point is to change it.”


- Anyone using OpenEnergyMonitor kit: come and get help making it work better for you or share your knowledge and shiny dashboard goodness.
- Anyone with skills in physical electronics, web development, interface design or programming who wants to use that knowledge to avert this whole climate apocalypse thing.
- Anyone! There will be open space for small groups to focus on adding new sensors or hacking the user interface, there will always be a ‘newbies’ group for people interested in finding out more.

Come join the energy geek revolution.

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