EASA 2010 in Manchester

EASA is a completely student driven, volunteer run, non-government / non-profit organisation. Each year since its inception in Liverpool in 1981 its focus has been on exchanging ideas, culture and experience between 400-450 of the brightest students of architecture from over 40 different nations in Europe over 2 weeks of lectures, debates and workshops.

Returning to UK for the first time since its inauguration, the organisers of easa010 chose Manchester to host the 30th event for the ability to have a city centre assembly, with its dynamic historical and artistic heritage acting as inspiration to a generation of young architects of the future, and ultimately providing a vibrant setting to explore the assemblies theme of identity.

MadLab has been one of the 4 hubs of activity for 2 weeks (2nd – 13th August).
Walking Through Walls tutorial with Roland