Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School

How would’ve thought it- drawing, nipple tassels & werewolves at one late night session at MadLab!

Dr Sketchys was a rather unique & wonderfully experimental event. With a full house of sketchers & pencils poised for action, the night began with a introductory speech from Dr Sketchy himself, Mr Ruari.

We then swiftly moved on to the model of the moment, who was Bambi Le Beau, the teasing burlesque dancer, who lounged around on various chairs, tables & rugs whilst the participants scibbled away. Ruari & Faye Adams lead the evening, using a various formats & techniques to keep the sketchers on their toes. Werewolves was the theme of the night, with moonlit decor & the appropriate howling & hairy hands. The results of the night were astounding, with some beautiful drawings which you can see here.

This event began over five years ago, by an art school drop out in a seedy bar of Brookyln. Now it has spread its empire throughtout 100 cities, and is the self proclaimed anti-art school, the leading establishment for the alternative drawing movement. Irritated by the convention & restrictions imposed by mainstream art, they deceided to begin their own shindig, using glamourous underground performers as their subjects. Dr. Skectchy’s Manchester returned after a long hiatus of to the MadLab to adjective success, & you can find out more here, for all those who are rightly intregued. It had been over two years since Dr Sketchys had graced Manchester & we were honoured to revive it.

Ruari thought “it was a wicked night & a triumphant return for Dr Sketchy’s Manchester. We are really excited about doing the event again & have lots planned.” Which is good news, as we chatted with some of the artists after the event, and many were impressed with the evenings entertainment & this unusual & innotive manner of art, definatly putting back the life, vigor & excitement back into drawing.

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Scribed by Lia.

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