Dr Sketchy’s Valentine – Emerald Ace

Our session with naughty Nottingham performer, Emerald Ace, was just that, ace.

For the Valentine’s Day themed event she tugged at everyone’s heart strings with a portrayal of The Last Jackalope. A Jackalope is a  mythical animal  of North American folklore described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns or deer antlers.
Emerald’s reverse burlesque performance, which borders on performance art sees the loneliest creature in the forest pining for a partner who never comes, awwwww.

The amazing Emerald’s creation was just pure fantasy. She was respendent  in a huge white wig, lace bodice and white woodern antlers.

Dr Sketchy - Valentine

Sketching challenges included drawing Emerald and her hybrid beast partner if he had bothered to show up, in a Hello magazine stylie pose.

Drawing the negative space around Emerald, or the space around her to put it another way, and using brown paper to mark the shadows were another two of the silly challenges sketchers enjoyed.

Roll on next session!

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