DIYBIO – Microbial fuel cell 101

Bio Hacking in Manchester

Title: DIYBIO – Microbial fuel cell 101
Location: MadLab (Downstairs)
Description: Join the Manchester DIYBio group for their regular meet up
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2012-01-25
End Time: 22:00
Booking: Free, but limited.

The evening of the 25th January is a DIYbio fuel cell special, where we’ll be building and comparing an array of microbe-powered batteries with the help of MMU’s Dr. Trish Linton who also ran the fuel cell session at the DIYbio Summit back in October.

Here’s what happened the first time we ran this workshop during the DIYBIO Summit during the Manchester Science Festival 2011.

Along the way we’ll be trying to answer some crucial microbe-y questions:

  • How do microbial fuel cells actually work?
  • Which part of the Northern Quarter has the hardest working soil bacteria?
  • Who would win in a tug of war? Brewers’ yeast or the instant stuff out of a packet?
  • Will microbes fuel the future? When will my car have a composter rather than a fuel tank?

Fuel Cell

So come on over at 7pm on the 25th Jan – no need to bring anything other than some microbe-y enthusiasm. All bugs courtesy of the Northern Quarter.

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