Bio Hacking in Manchester

Location: MadLab
Description: Open to all, get involved in some do-it-yourself biology experiments!
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2011-07-20
End Time: 21:00

DIYBIO MCR – Wednesday 20th of July

This month’s DIYBIO is about teamwork. Now that the teams are chosen (alternative team names are welcome – mascots optional) we’ld like to get on with summer projects.

All our hard will be rewarded during the Microbe Picnic in August (date TBC).

We’ll also like to have an discussion on Synthetic biology topic towards the end of the evening.

The Team’s are named, the Team’s co-cordinators are chosen, we need you diybio-ers to choose your team. We have three discussions for each team on the google group, please leave a message under the team you are in! (

Team Microbe – Continuing the work started by the whole group on Manchester Microbe Map. The data is all in, but needs to be analysed we will soon report back with something interesting!

Team Kit – Will be developing home made versions of the lab equipment that is used for DNA fingerprinting. (Asa  please can you let us know what exciting experiment you have organised…..)

Team Snail – Queen snails need some TLC, Beks is on the case and will top them up starting a new experiment.

If you want to get involved in any of these projects, take part in discussions or recommend a new topic, join the mailing list and come to next month’s meeting! (