DIYbio in 2013

What better way to start the New Year than an appearance at TED. We were featured in Ellen Jorgensen from Genspace’s talk on biohacking at last year’s TED Global conference in Edinburgh:

It’s an awesome talk and a great introduction to DIYbio – as an added bonus if you scroll through to 4:17 you’ll see MadLab’s very own Hwa Young and others in the process of dismantling an octopus at our inaugural dissection workshop with Brian Degger from Transitlab.

In related news, 2013 is the year that we make a concerted effort to set up a dedicated and properly equipped bio-space at the MadLab and, thanks to the excellent Appliances Online, we’ve taken the first steps towards making that happen. When we spoke to Ben and the team there at the tail end of last year they very kindly offered to sponsor the lab space and as a result we now have a new freezer all set for storing our biological goodies in! Thanks guys!


We’ll be putting the freezer to good use this week, with an order of materials in advance of our NESTA event on the 7th of February. The workshop is booked out already, but keep your eyes on the @diybiomcr Twitter stream as we’ll be having a practice run very soon.