DIY Bio MCR: The Future…

PCR Challenge

In the last year, over 350 people have dissected octopuses, made fuel cells with soil from Northern Quarter car parks, attended the UK’s first DIY Bio summit, gotten to grips with PCR machines and pipetting or roamed the streets of Manchester swabbing bus-stops for bacteria. They’ve seen malarial jewellery at the Microbiology and Art exhibition, quaffed beer and kimchi at the microbial picnic and bred Malaysian Trumpet snails (RIP).

All this was made possible by funding from the Wellcome Trust and the help of MMU. Shortly after the unveiling of the Manchester Microbe Map at Future Everything in May, the project will come to a close.

BUT! We are going to continue as DIY Bio Mcr and we need your feedback in order to raise further funding and make the changes you want to see.

Please can you take five minutes to fill in this survey. Even if you’ve not been to DIY Bio Mcr yet, we’re keen to hear your thoughts.

And whether you’ve been to DIYBio before or not, come to the next workshop, Self-cloning Bacteria: AKA Genetic Modification for Beginners this Thursday (30th August) at 7pm!