CRITmas Party

A Festive Spread

It wasn’t just the Christmas spirit that gave us cause to celebrate this evening as we marked CRITgroup’s first birthday with a (gentle mid-week) knees-up. We also got the ball rolling on our plans for collaboration through 2013 and welcomed along a couple of new faces to the crowd. We began the evening with social chat and nibbling; amongst other offerings, I subjected the group to home-made parsnip not-very-crisps and a choice of chilli or sage and onion houmous! A re-visitation of the more seasonally shaped ginger biscuits I first provided at Hallowe’en were then only slightly overshadowed by the selection of mince pies; ginger, cranberry or chocolate nonetheless!

Sharing the Collaborative Project Starting Points and Waiting for James to Call!
However, it wasn’t an entirely food themed evening (although the spread did seem to go down rather well!) and so we did eventually move on to business and got our first collaboration ‘Creative Whispers’ off to a festive start (You can read more about our project here). The contributions were pooled and shared out by our very own ‘Santa Crafts’, James Sharp, and we then opened the gifts to see what we had been challenged with. There were a range of offerings from drawn and painted starting points to the more conceptual. One of the first things we have agreed to do is document the initial item photographically and it is hoped that with each individual producing this separately, even these will contain idiosyncrasies which will give us an opportunity to reflect on the nature of creative practice.
Next month we will pass on our responses and over the coming weeks I shall upload the documented starting points.
Just after 8pm GMT we took a call via Skype from James Pashley, one of our original members who moved to Japan in the summer to teach English. James selflessly got up at 04.30 to be able to join us at the meeting and told us all about his experiences helping out on an orange plantation, partying with his colleagues, developing creative methods of introducing practical tasks to the English Language classroom and the slightly disturbing lack of cheese.

We wrapped up with a quick whip round the group to briefly introduce our respective practices for those only just joining us (this should probably have been done at the beginning but we were too busy with far more important things like crudités). This month we welcomed photographer Irena Siwiak Atamewan who has a particular interest in domestic spaces and abstract painter Renate Wendel who, coming from a background as a classical musician, is especially inspired by sound. I then gave an overview of the collaborative project plan for those who weren’t part of the original discussion.

Before we knew it, time had flown and all that remained was to share our last seasonal greetings and bid each other farewell until 2013… and I shall now do the same!

The first meeting of next year will take place on January 23rd and all details can be found on the main home page. Hope to see you there!

Sharing the Collaborative Project Starting Points and Waiting for James to Call!