This evening’s session was the much anticipated sharing of responses for stage one of our first collaborative project; Creative Whispers. We were also delighted to welcome two new faces, who briefly introduced themselves as Vikki Cutts (teacher, freelance art director, and playful crafter) and Amy Leak (recently graduated graphic designer, especially interested in developing brands using opportunities for digital interaction). We were also pleased to welcome back Irena and Renate who joined us for the first time in December; we obviously didn’t scare them off with our CRITmas antics!

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James decides how to share Stage 1 responses
We were keen to get on to sharing our work on the initial Creative Whispers starting points so we quickly moved on to circulating the results whilst the responding artist gave an overview of their approach. Photographs of these responses will soon be shared on a new page which will begin charting the evolution of the project but in the meantime, an overview can be found below.

This ‘flow chart’ will also form part of our group submission to a new book compiled by Alban Low titled Patternotion. Alban runs a variety of projects which he opens up to a growing fleet of artists, designers, illustrators and general creatives. This current venture looks to draw on approaches that such people format to achieve goals. He says ‘Our minds visualise the improvements and adventures of the future. To achieve these we must put a new system in place to achieve what we want.’ As Creative Whispers seemed a very clear example of a ‘self imposed schedule and idiosyncratic method’ of achieving an outcome, we have a few pages kindly reserved for us. If you’ve read this post you can consider yourself lucky enough to have glimpsed a sneak preview!

So what is our outcome? Well, we have now agreed that Creative Whispers will have a ‘shelf life’ of up until a final swap in April. We will then continue talks with MadLab about arranging an exhibition of the work sometime after May.Next Month we are looking forward to sharing the second response from the group project but as ever, we will also aim to make room for anyone who wishes to bounce any ideas or request any feedback. Until then… the old art-cogs are turning and I’d better get on with Whispering Creatively!

Written by Annabeth