Creative Reading, Writing, and Film Within IS – RIDERS Event

RIDERS is Research in Interactive Drama Environments, Role-play and Storytelling. The project is funded by EPSRC until September 2014. It aims to build a network community of interactive digital story telling experts in the UK and abroad – join RIDERS to bridge current barriers whatever your discipline and get to know other professionals across the field.

This event will mix our creatives with our computer scientists to create a day of synergy, IS exploration and great networking opportunites as we end the year.

We have a talented and diverse line up of speakers for you: Christine Wilks, Daniel Kudenko, and Oliver Case. We also have Nathan Jones from mercyonline, the experiemntal literary and new media organisation, running our digital creative writing workshop so members can get hands-on with some experiential digital writing.

Here is the full agenda on the talks and workshop.

As with all our events, spaces will be limited, so it’s first come, first served. Interested parties can email to express an interest in attending. Closing date is Monday, November 18th.