Creative Exposures first meeting

The creative exposures group began with introductions about myself and why I started the group(to bring people together who have the same interests and talk about photography in a different way). I also asked in the introduction how each person had heard about the group as from a promoting perspective I would like to know what is working best,twitter facebook etc.

After introductions we moved onto a few of my favourite photographers that work in the experimental ways I do, to get a clear idea of what I mean. I showed the work of Francesca Woodman,Seba Kurtis and also Lucy Ridges. I then showed a Flickr presentation of some of the photos I had been inspired to produce.

After a few people started discussing pin hole cameras and I asked if anybody had some things they could show they had been working on. Anthony from the group showed us a split camera technique and also others showed various flickr and websites. A local impossible project that a friend of mine runs was also shown and talked about.
The group then began discussing the way photography is moving forward and if you own your images or own the ideas.
We then watched a you tube video about old processes used in a new modern way. I then summerised the meeting by saying I would like us all to begin a personal project if they wanted to to start there own experiments or if they felt inspired to try something to show the group next time.

I thoroughly enjoyed the groups meeting and felt the discussions were very worthwhile although a bit in depth at times. The best part was introducing people together who have the same interests who may work together in the future. Overall it was very successful and I am very much looking forward to the next group meeting.

Written by Jennifer Brookes

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