Connecting 2.0 Communities

Connecting 2.0 Communities

Connecting 2.0 Communities

Title: Connecting 2.0 Communities
Location: MadLab
Description: Advice and support for voluntary or community sector organisation, freelancer or creative who would like to know more about “digital technology”
Start Time: 14:00
Date: 2010-02-17
End Time: 18:30

About this event…
If you are a voluntary or community sector organisation, freelancer or creative who would like to know more about “digital technology” and how it can help your work or your organisation it can sometimes be difficult to know where to go for advice and support.

Yet Manchester has a wide range of digital communities – from programmers, to social media specialists to digital content producers – who meet up regularly to share good practice.

Connecting 2.0 Communities is a pilot event to give anyone in the not-for-profit sector an opportunity to meet these digital communities – many of whom are happy to provide free advice and support, and would like to work more with community groups.

What you will find out…

At this free to attend “drop in” event there will be an opportunity to :-

- get a one-to-one advice session about your own particular digital needs
- find out more about Manchester’s many “user groups” and informal meet-ups
- hear short introductions about key topics such as developing a WordPress website, and using social media.

Either stay for a short time, or stay all afternoon.

There will be food and drinks provided, and though you don’t need to book it will help us with numbers – and help identify who might be best for you to speak to – if you register at our online registration.

Who will be attending?

We’ll have more details soon but here’s a taster.

- Manchester Digital Development Agency, offering advice and support on all aspects of digital Manchester
- Madlab, find out about this new “community space” for digital working
- Speak to a Geek, get technical support from digital experts
- Social Media Cafe & Social Media Surgeries, find out more about these regular groups to help you use the social media more effectively
- Voluntary sector digital organisations, learn more about what organisations there are that can help you out.
Need to find out more?
For more information contact Adrian Slatcher

Who has organised it?
This event is funded by the Working Neighbourhoods Fund and run on behalf of Manchester City Council. It has been organised by Manchester Digital Development Agency in partnership with Manchester Digital Laboratory (Madlab). Many thanks to all the digital organisations who have agreed to attend to make this event happen.

Learning Revolution Transformation Fund logoThis event is supported by the Learning Revolution Transformation Fund.