CoderDojo #6



Title: CoderDojo #6
Location: MadLab
Date: 16-06-2013
Start Time: 14:00
End Time: 17:00
Booking: Free, but please use our eventbrite

Join us for our 6th CoderDojo!

Are you under eighteen? Do you know about programming or are keen to learn and give it a go? If so, CoderDojo might be for you.

Learn how to code, or if you already can, improve your skills. Build cool stuff, from games to websites to animations to apps. Meet people like you who are interested in the same sort of things.

CoderDojo is a worldwide network of young programmers and hackers, with over 100 dojos all over the world, from Cape Town, South Africa to Silicon Valley, California!
All you need to bring is a laptop and your enthusiasm to code!

    CoderDojo Manchester #6 includes:

Code to Minecraft. We’ll be focussing on coding skills for Minecraft. Code comes first!

Alongside the CoderDojo, Digital Skills for Women in Manchester will be running their first “Technology Day” at MadLab! The theme is: Electronic textiles, brush bots & co!

Parents of CoderDojo participants are welcome to join!

Combine crafts with electronics and learn to solder.
Sew, stitch, or paint electronic circuits on clothes, bags, and paper.
Build little “brush bots” to paint pictures for you!
No experience in electronics required – we’ll be there to help you.

More information about “Digital Skills” can be found at: