Celebrate Free Software at MadLab

Manchester Free Software Festival

Manchester Free Software Festival

We’re very excited that one of our most popular groups – Free Software Foundation Europe – has decided to put on a week of events celebrating all things free software. They’re bringing together members of other groups – including Bitcoin Manchester and Manchester WordPress User Group – and have organised a great line-up of free events:

Get ready to celebrate:
Manchester’s first Free Software festival has arrived!

Free Software is the radical tech movement behind projects like WordPress, Android, Bitcoin, Firefox, GNU/Linux, LibreOffice, and many more. It guarantees you the freedom to use, study, change, and share your computer software and has spawned a generation of creativity by empowering millions. The chances are you have been using Free Software for years – this is a great opportunity to learn more about what that means, how you can get involved and most importantly celebrate this fanatic movement with canapés, cake and company.

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