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Legal Workshop – Introduction to Contracts

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Legal Workshop

Title: Legal Workshop – Introduction to Contracts
Location: MadLab
Description: 2 hour legal workshop about Contracts with Suzy Weeks,
Start Time: 14:00
Date: 2012-02-03
End Time: 16:00
Booking:  Essential. Free, but places are limited.

We are very excited to welcome Suzy Weeks, Senior Solicitor from National Law Firm DWF LLP. Suzy will give a two hour legal workshop at MadLab. The topics Suzy intends to cover are set out below and it is hoped that at the end of the interactive session you will be that bit more clued up about how contracts work in general and that you will be able to navigate your way round two frequently used contracts; the confidentiality agreement and the consultancy agreement.

1. Introduction to contracts

  • Basic overview of contract law
  • A bird’s eye view of a contract lifecycle
  • Q&A

2. Dissection of an NDA/confidentiality agreement

  • What does it mean and why is it in there?
  • Know what you are signing up to
  • Q&A

3. Dissection of a freelance agreement/consultancy agreement

  • What does it mean and why is it in there?
  • know what you are signing up to
  • Q&A

Suzy is a senior solicitor in the non-contentious commercial and intellectual property team at DWF LLP, she is also a key member of DWF’s outsourcing and technology team. She specialises in non-contentious commercial and intellectual property law and has a particular interest in e-commerce and m-commerce agreements, consumer law, advertising law and intellectual property exploitation agreements and is increasingly becoming involved in more
and more IT and Outsourcing contracts.

The team that Suzy works with at DWF is believed to be the largest non-contentious commercial & outsourcing law team in the North West of England which has been nominated for the British Legal Awards 2011 “Commercial team of the year”.

vvvv – Getting started and Projection mapping

Thursday, August 18th, 2011


Title: vvvv – Getting started and Projection mapping
Location: MadLab
Description: VVVV is powerful toolkit of media technologies, boasting a glut of built in functionality, tools and examples. You can safely presume that you can get it to interface with almost anything you want, it can generate almost anything you want.
Start Date: 2011-10-08
Start Time: 10:00
End Date: 2011-10-09
End Time: 17:30
Sign up: vvvv – Getting started and Projection mapping course

Over the past 10 years since around when Processing was released (2001), there has been an explosion of interest in merging design and art, with powerful computational graphics and hardware. VVVV,openFrameworks, Processing, Cinder, Jitter, and the many other tools have emerged from a desire to rapidly create ideas in the fields of Visual Arts, Architecture, Informational Design, Physical Computing and Projected Media.
VVVV (first released 1998) is a unique tool initially created by MESO, Frankfurt to create ‘Digitial Interiors’. It is now publicly available and free to use for non commercial purposes.

VVVV is powerful toolkit of media technologies, boasting a glut of built in functionality, tools and examples. You can safely presume that you can get it to interface with almost anything you want, it can generate almost anything you want. There aren’t any other media toolkits that can perform so much ‘out of the box’, having you projecting kinect tracked video onto buildings or controlling robot arms from twitter in days rather than weeks. The true power of the tool lies within the elegance within which it makes its features available. In the opinion of this author, it can usurp all other platforms in terms of development speed, power and flexibility.

Real World Examples

VVVV has been used for :

  • Long term installations (>3 years runtime)
  • Quick installations (<10mins to develop) Vast installations (>50 projectors)
  • Deployed installations (>50 units)
  • TV shows (The X Factor)
  • Hosting websites
  • Making my mobile phone ring when the postman arrives if I’m at the cafe downstairs (1 hour development)
  • Almost anything

Learning Outcomes

This is a 2 day course, run on Saturday and Sunday.
You will learn:

  • A hands on ‘by the seat of your pants’ tour of VVVV’s features and how to get started with each bit. Create a mental map of the VVVV landscape through experience, so every bit of new learning can be hooked onto an explained element of the system.
  • Be able to work with VVVV and a projector
  • Be able to map content from inside your computer onto real world objects using a projector
  • Understanding of VVVV fundamentals

What you need to be familiar with

You should be proficient with computers (know how to operate, setup, fix your mums).
Any experience with coding or visual based development environements will come in super useful (Flash/ActionScript, Javascript, C/++, C#, Visual Basic, Objective-C, Python, Arduino, Max/MSP, etc).

Software and costs

All software is freely available for learning/non-commercial purposes, and copies will be distributed with the course materials on the day.
We will be using the latest version of VVVV at the time of the workshops (currently 25.1, which can be downloaded from

Equipment you’ll need

You will need to bring a PC Computer (ideally a laptop) with:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7 installed.
  • Latest Windows Service Packs / latest updates to DirectX 9/10/11
  • A GPU within the top 200 of this list (or better/equivalent) (e.g. Geforce 8600 or better, ATI Radeon HD 5450 or better). If your GPU isn’t up here, then please get in touch on, and I’ll let you know if your graphics chipset is really good enough to get cracking.
  • WIFI or wired ethernet
  • A VGA or DVI port (or adapters to get to one of these, ideally VGA)
  • A mouse with at least 2 buttons (left and right mouse buttons).
  • Intel Apple Macs are fine, but you must use Bootcamp. You CAN NOT use virtualisation e.g. Parallels, VMWare, VirtualBox.

    Tutor Biography

    Elliot Woods is ½ of international interaction design studio Kimchi and Chips, with works featured in Wired, Engadget and the BBC. He is a european and international hero of the projection mapping scene, creating tools and techniques that have been employed in multi-million dollar marketing campaigns and niche art projects alike. Elliot taught a full time projection mapping course at NODE 10 (VVVV’s own forum of the digial arts) and has taught primary school students to top university students (Seoul National University) the art and techniques of projection mapping.

    To prepare for the course…

    Further information about vvvv

    If you are interested in the course, head over to the Omniversity of Manchester

    Kimchi Workshop

    Sunday, December 12th, 2010

    Let's Make Kimchi

    Title: Kimchi Workshop
    Location: MadLab (Downstairs)
    Description: Learn how to make Kimchi, a spicy pickled dish synonymous with Korean cuisine in Manchester, using local ingredients.
    Start Time: 11:00
    Date: 2011-01-23
    End Time: 14:00
    Booking: Essential Spaces are limited.
    Cost: £30

    Everything you wanted to ask about kimchi but were afraid to ask!

    The first cooking workshop to take in the new kitchen of the MadLab is about Kimchi. This pungent pickle is the lifeblood of Korean cuisine, and the key to understanding Korea and Koreans.

    Although it never takes centre place, it is a constant on the table, versatile, and made from a variety of ingredients. Kimchi types also vary from region to region, and this workshop will make kimchi that is unique to Manchester.

    This is a hands-on course where you will get to see and make kimchi yourself. Ingredients are sourced from local shops, so it can be replicated easily later at home.

    This intensive day will take you through the history and nutrition of the food while you learn to make 3 different types of kimchi.
    The course will finish with a traditional post-kimchi making Korean lunch with added taster menu and selection of traditional ban-chan (small side dishes that accompany most Korean meals).

    There are more than a hundred varieties of kimchi, made from everything from cabbages to cucumbers to aubergines. This workshop will focus on the three most enjoyable kimchi types:  Chinese Leaf(Baechu Kimchi- 배추김치) , Mooli Kimchi(Kak dugi-깍두기), and Cucumber (ohei sobaeki-오이소배기)

    Please Bring…

    Your favourite sharp knife and cutting board. All other ingredients* will be provided, including containers to carry your fresh kimchi home.

    Lunch Menu

    Boiled Pork rubbed with soybean paste (Bossam 보쌈)
    Beef and mixed veg. stir fried (Bulgogi 불고기)
    Kimchi pan fried Korean style pancake (Kimchi Jun 김치전)
    Spicy Tofu soup with seafood and Kimchi juice (Soondubu 순두부찌개)
    Boiled Rice
    Various Ban-chan (not limited to…)

    • Seasoned Spinich (Shegumchi Namul 시금치나물)
    • Seasoned Mung Bean Sprouts 쑥주나물
    • Seasoned Sesame Leaf 깻잎
    • Dried Anchovies 멸치자반
    • Seasoned Beans 콩자반
    • Seasoned Burdock 우엉조림

    About the Tutor

    Sang Won (@andrewswjung)has been inspired and driven by food, especially his native Korean food. It is one of his passions to cook on a regular basis and to spread the joy in both making and eating rich and healthy Korean cuisine. Although he is not fully trained as a professional  chef, he has been continuously cooking in the Korean household despite his grandmother’s belief that boys don’t belong in the kitchen.

    If you have any questions, please contact for more information. If you are into twitter, we are using #MCRKimchi for the event
    This recipe contains fishstock, the lunch contains meat.
    Tickets are non-refundable – however, if you are unable to make the course they make an ideal gift for a foodie friend
    Photo Credit : usag.yongsan, ‘Garrison volunteers making kimchi for needy families

    Elephant Workshop

    Tuesday, October 19th, 2010


    Title: Elephant Workshop
    Location: MadLab
    Description: Elephant Workshops leads an exciting workshop using different art forms to explore the senses. Including drawing music, creating sound art and creating collage from smells.
    Start Time: 13:00
    Date: 2010-11-13
    End Time: 16:00
    Age Range: 7-12 years
    Booking: please email Annette at

    (bookings taken on first-come first-served basis…)

    The workshop will focus on the senses and explore working across art forms. The session will include will include:

    • participants drawing in response to music…
    • participants interviewing each other, using Dictaphones to create ‘sensory profiles’…
    • participants will use Dictaphones to create a group sound piece…
    • participants will be draw an object by just feeling it, or draw/write about what a particular smell makes them think of…

    Complimentary drinks and fruit will be provided.


    Elephant is a national project led by artist Naomi Kendrick, that provides art workshops and exhibition tours. Elephant began in 2004 and has received two Arts Council England Awards. For further information please visit




    An ambitious showcase of more than fifty artists across fourteen venues, BlankWeekend is an explosion of art and creativity across the city of Manchester. As Blank Media Collective enters its fifth year of supporting the work of emerging artists from the UK and beyond, BlankWeekend champions these exciting individuals and events and introduces inspiring new projects and future greats. A celebration of all things Blank since 2006 and a toast to things to come!

    Take an innovative urban art trail through the city, accessible 24 hours a day, experiencing work in prominent window displays. Engage with unexpected live performances in bustling undisclosed city centre locations. All this plus a literary night out, BlankSounds gig, photographic exhibition and artist-led workshop. This is truly the biggest project Blank Media Collective have yet undertaken. For further information please visit


    Blank Media Collective champions emerging artists, writers, musicians and performers by giving them a unique platform to showcase their work. Blank Media Collective is an artist-led, not-for-profit organisation established in 2006 and is run from Manchester by a dedicated team of volunteers. The organisation is developing an excellent reputation for the high quality of its output. Blank Media Collective are proud to offer a vital support network to hundreds of creative practitioners from throughout the UK and abroad as well as its base in the North-West. For further information please visit

    Robot Hackday

    Monday, September 27th, 2010

    Robot HACKDAY

    Title: Robot Hackday
    Location: MadLab
    Description: Bring your old electronic junk and toys down to Madlab. Take them apart and put them back together again as… robots!
    Start Time: 10:00
    Date: 2010-10-30
    End Time: 16:00
    Audience: Everyone
    Price: Free. Booking required!
    Event Themes: Bright ideas
    Event Type: Workshop/Hands-on/Demo

    Work on your own or team up with others – there will be prizes at the end of the day for the best entries. Don’t worry if your robot building skills are not up to scratch, we have experts to guide your robots.

    This year we have  Adrian from Howduino, HACMan and a mystery guest will be there throughout the day to give you a hand.

    MadLab is proud to run Robot Hackday again. Here are some pictures from last years event for inspiration.


    Robot Hackday is part of this year’s bigger and better Manchester Science Festival, entertaining the region from 23 – 31 October.