Can you give a YRS lightning talk?

YRS Manchester 2011
Josh talks at YRS MadLab 2011

Young Rewired State is about coding. And data. We know around Manchester and Madlab there are lots of interesting folk who can talk about these subjects.

So, we’re asking if people can commit to a lightning talk during the YRS at MadLab – 6th – 10th August (but especially over the first couple of days).

What’s a lightning talk?
It’s a very short talk, about one topic. You don’t need slides or anything slick – just tell us in less that five minutes (or three, or one!).

We’re looking for two types of talks:

1 – Talks about Data
Have you a dataset / project that YRS can work with? Please come along, tell us what it is, how to access and what might be done with it!

2 – Talks about Coding
Can you explain something complex, easily? Or talk people through setting stuff up? eg: Using version control; Getting started with XYZ; Advanced techniques in ABC…

We envisage there will be lots of opportunities for these types of talks as the week progresses – so we’re keen toschedule a few in but also know of others that could quickly spring to action…

We also appreciate that some topics could take all week – but think a quick talk here and there would get people interested…

Tell us about your talk via yrsmanchester [at] and/or @YRSManchester

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