Bokeh Yeah!

Bokeh Yeah!

Title: Bokeh_Yeah!
Location: MadLab
Description: A monthly get together of DSLR video makers to share camera knowledge, demonstrate kit and techniques, showcase and critique films made with this technology.
Date: 06-03-2014
Start Time: 19:00
End Time: 21:00




Titling your film

We are fast approaching the deadline for our Timeline Poetry film Challenge so for our next session we thought we would look at what goes into making great titles and how to organise those credits. With low budget filmmaking, it’s all about giving credit where credit’s due, so it’s vitally important to get it right.

We’ve invited local Director Chris Cronin to take us through the do’s and don’ts.
Chris Cronin has had a string of film successes over the past few years and his action packed shorts are wowing festival audiences both in the UK and Europe. What this man can do on a very tight budget is astonishing, just going to show what hard work and determination can achieve.

Links to some of Chris’s work

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