Blank Media Collective Launch Opening: 2nd June 2011

We had a really successful opening night, and had many positive responses about the work and the exhibition concept. In total we had approximately 150 visitors and over the past week we have had on average 260 people come through the door.

We were particularly interested in hosting our exhibition at MadLab, as it’s a really interesting and creative space, and we wanted to create a blended exhibition of different works and practices that take place here. A good example of this is in reference to Paul Plowman‘s Twitter Drum, as this was conceptualised and made at the HacMan group which is based at MadLab. We also worked with Teawitter who created a fun picnic in the gallery.

We were very impressed with the number of submissions that were created for this exhibition and we had work that was re contextualised for User Generated Content. We had a lot of positive responses about the work and as part of the artists work Osvaldo Cibils, The Independent Curator, we were able to survey the most popular pieces in the exhibition. We were delighted to collate the results, and we were surprised to see that Doug Gast’s work I LIKE AMERICA AND AMERICA L received a few dislikes!

To see more information on the opening night you can view the video of the interview.

Interview with Curator Marcelle Holt talking about the exhibition on the Opening night:

Written by Taneesha , Curator.

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