Blank Media Collective


Title: Blank Media Collective
Location: MadLab
Description: Blank Media Collective are curating an exhibition showcasing work investigating social media in collaboration with MadLab, Manchester.
Start Time: 17:00
Date: 2011-04-11
End Time: 19:00

Drop in Sessions:

Blank Media Collective Curators Taneesha Ahmed and Marcelle Holt will be holding a series of informal drop- in sessions at MadLab. This is an opportunity to chat about the exhibition, discuss and even show current projects and ideas.  Opportunity for people to come meet the curatorial team BLANK MEDIA COLLECTIVE in reference to the exhibition User Generated Content.

  • What: USER GENERATED CONTENT is an exhibition about social media, self-publishing and the virtual environments that we create for ourselves. The exhibition will be an exploration into the deepening relationship we now have with technology with regards to the social aspects of our lives.
  • We are interested in how these ‘highly accessible’ self-publishing tools and ‘user generated content’ has had an affect on creative practice in conjunction with the recent explosion of such sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot, YouTube, Vimeo etc. We want to find creative practitioners who are responding to the recent developments by removing them from the interface and transforming into a tangible form or experience.
  • The work should not remain digital but can be realized in many different formats.
  • For example it could be an event, participatory game, kinetic sculpture, an interactive toy, design product, ceramic, craft piece, photograph, literature, sound piece, film, book, an arduino product, song, a performance. Your submission should reflect on some level either your relationship with social media (in any of its formats) or comment on it as a whole. The only requirement is that it needs to exist in the real world.
  • Who:Blank Media Collective is looking for anyone from emerging artists and innovators who create work responding to the theme of social media.
  • This is open to people who may or may not define themselves as artists, designers, performers, musicians, filmmakers, writers, obsessives, bloggers, app makers, digital programmers, ceramicists, textile artists, printers, html coders, hackers, scientists, hobbyists, inventors, hackers, crafters, photographers, filmmakers, performers, printmakers and anyone else who will respond to the recent explosion the use of social media. This list is not exhaustive but an example of the diverse range of practitioners we would like to see submit.