Bitcoin Manchester



Title: Bitcoin Manchester

Location: MadLab

Description: Bitcoin Manchester is a meetup for Bitcoin users, miners, buyers, sellers or anyone else otherwise interested in Bitcoin in the North West.

Date: 07-04-2014

Start Time: 19:00

End Time: 21:00

This month, solicitors Gary Broadfield and David Cook (full bios below) will be discussing legal issues surrounding Bitcoin. They have experience in court with both high-tech “cybercrime” (for example filesharing) as well as regularly defending serious allegations of financial crime and regulatory investigations, so they have a good perspective on how Bitcoin and the law might (or might not) fit together.

PLEASE SEND IN YOUR IDEAS! Gary and David already have a selection of topics but they are eager to discuss things that specifically interest the Bitcoin Manchester group. You can contact them by replying on the Bitcoin Manchester mailing list, by email direct at, or or on Twitter at @GaslanB and @CyberSolicitor.

Some topics they have suggested for the talk include:

  • Where might Bitcoin show up first in legal cases?
  • Do Bitcoin’s attributes make it an attractive option for potential criminals?
  • If it is, what is the likely response from the authorities?
  • How will retail and consumer protection laws cope with Bitcoin payments?
  • Gary Broadfield is a partner at Garstangs Burrows Bussin and has been involved in defending some of the most serious and complex criminal cases prosecuted in recent years, with an emphasis on high value fraud and white collar crime.

    David Cook is a Solicitor Advocate at Pannone, part of Slater and Gordon, and is recognised as an expert in cyber crime and data security. He successfully defended clients in prosecutions for online file sharing and has acted for both Richard O’Dwyer and members of Anonymous with regard to allegations of hacking in both the US and UK.

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