Annual Feedback Form – what do you think?

If you’ve visited us at the MadLab in the past year, please take a moment to fill in this quick survey.
As anyone whos ever visited MadLab knows, the essence of MadLab is the community, and is a centre for collaboration. We were built for and by the community, therefore we want to know what the community wants!

Music Hack Day at MadLab

So we are conducting our Annual Feedback. If you have any questions or qualms, or want to express what it means to you and what more we can do for you. The more responses we get, the better we can make this place for you and the more you can take part in our direction. We are going to be using this information within our yearbook, so please take the time to fill this in and pass it on to others that have been to MadLab. Theres still time to get involved with this too.

The questions will take just 2 minutes and range from your personal experience of events here to their wider implications on your life and the region. Let us know your thoughts to make MadLab a better place for you.

If you value what we do and would like to be a part of the MadLab family, please fill in this volunteering form.


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