Announcing… the Manchester Game Jam!

Are you a coder, artist or audio designer interested in videogame design? Or, are you a gamer who’s curious about how videogames are put together? If so, we’d like to invite you to come join us at Madlab for the Manchester gamejam! Madlab will be hosting the event for the full weekend, so Manchester’s community of nerds, artists and gamers can get together to design and code playable videogames from scratch in just 48 hours!
doo doo doo KABOOM

The first scheduled event will be an informal gathering to take on the Ludum Dare 48 hour solo gamejam in April (more info here ).

There is also a slightly less manic version of the jam that allows group entries, so artists and doodlers are encouraged to get stuck in and collaborate with our coders! Madlab will be open for both daytime stretches of the 48 hour contest, and entry is free to all participants (although as always, donations to Madlab are always warmly appreciated).

The opening event in 21st & 22nd April will also serve as a way to gather suggestions for future gamejam events, so we’d love to hear your ideas and opinions on how we can make the Manchester jam even better!

Twitter users can get updates and contact us by following @MCRgamejam, or if 140 characters isn’t quite enough for your amazing idea then post it in the MCRgamejam forum:

Leave comments below if you’re interested in getting involved!


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