Android Manchester First Meetup @ the MadLab

On Monday 21st March we had our first Android Meet-Up, given the time we had, we did very well to attract 21 people!

The evening started with a very basic overview of Mobile Apps, History of Android, General architecture of an Android app, Components of an Android App and then a basic demo of an Android App, by Zain(@zain_ [link to Twitter])

Once the basics were covered, the attendees quickly delved into questions and answers. A lot of very thought provoking questions were posed, and there was some comparison with the iPhone, with a number of very knowledgeable attendees taking the lead on answering questions and sharing their experiences.

Surprisingly, when the attendees were asked how many owned an iPhone – no hands went up! The beginning of a revolution? ;)

Talk over, the guys headed across the road for a quick beer & chat.

Overall heaps and heaps of positive feedback and suggestions, which will hopefully help improve the next meet-up!

All thanks to the attendees, we look forward to the next event to be held on the 18th of April. Follow us on Twitter; we’ll publish more details on the forthcoming event in due course.

[@android_mcr, #androidmcr]