It is a good time to refresh our memory about the connection between the AND (Abandon Normal Devices) Festival and MadLab. There are some upcoming events that we should keep our eyes open to, especially the bimonthly Citizen X workshops run by Heath Bunting in MadLab (first on the 25th of February).

This is how AND Festival has defined itself:

“Abandon Normal Devices (AND) is an energetic regional festival of new cinema, digital culture and art. The festival takes place annually in Liverpool and Manchester on alternate years, with an extended regional programme. AND’s mission is to change the way we think and push the boundaries of audience experience through a programme that spills out from the screens into the streets of the Northwest.”

The festival has a focus on critical thinking explored through a mixture of screenings, installations, online projects, residencies, public realm interventions, exhibitions and the connection to MadLab seems really to be quite obvious.In previous years MadLab has been connected to three workshops: Body Hacking, Analogue is the New Digital and Speed Dating Synthesis (in The Cornerhouse). In the Body Hacking workshop, run by Daito Manabe, many social and ethical problems arising from creating systems that can harvest sensory data from our bodies were questioned.

Analogue is the New Digital was an artistic project drawing attention to the extent we are surrounded by technological communication networks in our everyday life. It really has been about questioning our identities in relation to technology.

A Decap Robot Band – Deliverance from Madlab on Vimeo.

Citizen X Workshop

In the run up to this years AND Festival in Manchester join Heath as he leads a series of bi-monthly workshops at Madlab that will give you the skills to develop new identities. Entailed to prepare you for the final stages of the Bankster-generated economic collapse, participants will be encouraged to acquire some solid assets, a weapon and an exit strategy at this workshop, with the help of some useful maps you can learn how to build a new off-the-shelf identity to help you escape! The message: Don’t be content with rioting and looting! Arm yourself with your rights and really get even! The workshop is based on concept the that “our identity is constructed as human beings that can possess one or more natural persons and control one or more artificial persons. The higher up in the class system the better the access to status variety.”

We are hoping you are keeping your minds, eyes and minds eyes open to the AND Festival. E-mail to get more information about the Citizen X workshops. Book your place here.


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