3D Printing Network Manchester



Title: 3D Printing Network Manchester
Location: MadLab
Description: A fortnightly group for 3D printer enthusiasts.
Date: 10-02-2014
Start Time: 18:00
End Time: 21:00






The north west has a strong manufacturing tradition and a significant creative and intellectual community. 3D Printing Network is a chance for people of all ages, all sections of society, participating in the revolution that is 3D printing. We’re developing a forum of knowledge exchange in the north west.

Sam, Mark, Keith and Joanna invite you to come along to MadLab to see, touch and use 3D printers and begin to use them for your own creative or commercial expression. 3D Printing Network nights have workshops to learn the design software and learn what it takes to build and use your own 3D printers. We also have periodic discussion groups about subjects relating to 3D printing like intellectual property law, and talks from movers and shakers in the 3D printing community.

Find us on Facebook (3DPrintingNetworkManchester), Twitter (@hashtag3DPM), and our blog (www.3dprintgroup.blogspot.co.uk).

Bring along a laptop and your imagination and we can begin your journey into 3D printing together!


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