3D Printing Network Manchester



Title: 3D Printing Network Manchester
Location: MadLab
Description: A fortnightly group for 3D printer enthusiasts.
Date: 14-10-2013
Start Time: 18:00
End Time: 21:00






3D printers utilise a range of materials to build up, layer-by-layer, any item you can design using freely available software.  In the past 3D printers were of such cost, size and complexity that they only had a place in large-scale manufacturing and prototyping.  Now, 3D printers have become much less complex, smaller and much more reasonable in cost.  Designing and creating on 3D printers has now reached the point where ‘the many’ can physically realise whatever their imaginations desire.


The North-West has a strong manufacturing tradition and a huge creative and intellectual community.  In the creation of the 3DPrinting Network Manchester (#3DPM), we want to get 3D printing and the exploration of this technology into as many hands as possible from those at school, to hobbyists, to people who can see a commercial use.

In a series of regular meetings we are a network operating on the following principles:


  1. To establish regular meet-ups that share and develop interests concerning 3D printing

  2. #3DPM encourages the cross-pollination of ideas and development of expertise not bound by commercial interest

  3. To establish a modest operating fund; paid for by all members to cover costs of meeting places, communication and group projects; transparent and openly accountable to all members

  4. #3DPM seeks to bring together in one venue enough printers and resources for members to explore ideas, learn skills; and to develop the venue as a permanent 3D printing resource and local forum of exchange

  5. To actively promote #3DPM, members are encouraged to post content and links directly and indirectly related to 3D printing

  6. To develop #3DPM as a professional charitable organisation with lobbying strength to further the network aims in 3D printing

  7. Members will periodically (at least every year), democratically review #3DPM operating principles, expenses, procedures, rules, organisation, codes of practice, and other issue


#3DPM was set up by Mark, Sam and Keith. Three guys from varying career backgrounds, who’ve come together to bring 3D printing to Manchester. #3DPM is a one-stop shop for learning how to 3D print, explore what it and you can do with 3D printing; and a place for people to buy and sell their own 3D printers and consumables.


We’re open to people from all backgrounds to all have a go, and see how you can get involved in the many different learning, teaching and commercialisation projects we have at #3DPM.


If you want to contact us, do so via Madlab, twitter (@3DPManchester), and our blog (www.3dprintgroup.blogspot.co.uk)