3D Printer User Group – Meeting #1 Roundup

On the 9th of July 2012, ten Humans and four 3D printers came along to the first 3D printer usergroup meeting at Manchester’s MadLab.

As it was the first meeting, it was mainly a getting to know you session. The discussion was wide ranging, including topics such as the ins-and-outs of making your own printer, the reprap family tree, slicing software and heated beds.

The printers on show included:

  • A RepRap Mendel, by Mark. Mark has been building his printer for a while now, and intends on using it to print objects for people at the Manchester Mini Makerfaire in July
  • An Ultimaker, by Barry (ginge). Barry is currently using his ultimaker to build a robot army
  • A RepRap Huxley, by Bob (thinkl33t). Bob originally built his RepRap to make robots, but has ended up spending most of the time since getting it working printing more RepRap parts!
  • and a RepRap Prusa, that we found in the cupboard!

Later on, we discussed and looked at prints people have been making. Chris (nophead) had some harmonic gearbox parts, plastic boxes and other mechanisms he has recently been printing, and discussed how to use up the last bits of a piece of filament (0.5m of filament = 1 garden peg!). Barry showed a Yoda Head that had failed then somehow recovered while he was asleep.

We also discussed what we’d like to do in future events, and came up with ideas such as talks, build parties & print tuning.

Our next meeting will be held on the 13th of August 2012, and will include talks on the software toolchains used to take an object from a 3D Model to Plastic.

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